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Distorted Reality, Front Room Hudson, July 16 - Aug 14, 2022

Distorted Reality, Front Room Hudson, July 16 - Aug 14, 2022
Distorted Reality
727 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

open weekends 12-5pm and by appointment
July 16 - August 14, 2022

Opening reception, July 16, 5-7PM
Upstate Art Weekend, July 22-24

work by: Thomas Broadbent, Phil Buehler, Jaynie Crimmins, Peggy Cyphers, Beth Dary, Debra Drexler, Jessica Hargreaves, Amy Hill, Sascha Mallon, Stephen Mallon, Mark Masyga, Melissa Murray, Anna Ortiz, Ken Ragsdale, Emily Roz, Joanne Ungar, Zoe Wetherall

Front Room Hudson

At the Party, I Like Your Work

At the Party, I Like Your Work
At the Party
Summer exhibition at I Like Your Work 
Curated by Jane Kang Lawrence
The colorful sculpture of Denise Triezman and Mia Risberg’s quiet drawing are sitting together on the couch, realizing despite their wild differences, they have a million things to talk about.  Chris Moss’ painting is pouring drinks and catching you up on what you missed, while Taro Takizawa’s print and Anna Ortiz’s paintings are in a corner having a serious discussion about the role of patience in their practice. At the Party there are works with sweeping qualities of precision, meditative beauty, humor and flirtation.  
This collection of insightful personas come together after a spell of quietness and disorientation in the world.  It is inspiring to know that these artists continued to not only create but also share with us the works of their innate curiosity in motion.  Their marks, both intentional and abstracted, capture a moment of their minds.  This is curiosity sparking work and I want to spend time with each one.  These are artists that enrich souls, inspire and create, and have done so beautifully.
Art is mindful, naughty, loud and still.  That’s the beauty of bringing artists together in one exhibit- some artists left with a drink in hand, high in spirit, while others slipped away without saying goodbye. No matter how they left, they left a gracious and surprising lasting impression. 
Jane Kang Lawrence

Covid Haus at Mother-in-Laws, Germantown, NY

Covid Haus at Mother-in-Laws, Germantown, NY
Mother-in Law’s is proud to present Covid Häus, featuring Susan Hamburger; with Richard Estrin, Emily Roz, and Anna Ortiz. In Covid Häus the artists reflect on the intersection of urban and green spaces, the artifice created through cultivars, and how we bend nature to our purposes.

April 23rd-June 19th
Open Weekends 12-5 & by Appt.

140 Church Avenue, Germantown, NY 12526