Distorted Reality, Front Room Hudson, July 16 - Aug 14, 2022

Distorted Reality
727 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

open weekends 12-5pm and by appointment
July 16 - August 14, 2022

Opening reception, July 16, 5-7PM
Upstate Art Weekend, July 22-24

work by: Thomas Broadbent, Phil Buehler, Jaynie Crimmins, Peggy Cyphers, Beth Dary, Debra Drexler, Jessica Hargreaves, Amy Hill, Sascha Mallon, Stephen Mallon, Mark Masyga, Melissa Murray, Anna Ortiz, Ken Ragsdale, Emily Roz, Joanne Ungar, Zoe Wetherall

Front Room Hudson

At the Party, I Like Your Work

At the Party
Summer exhibition at I Like Your Work 
Curated by Jane Kang Lawrence

The colorful sculpture of Denise Triezman and Mia Risberg’s quiet drawing are sitting together on the couch, realizing despite their wild differences, they have a million things to talk about.  Chris Moss’ painting is pouring drinks and catching you up on what you missed, while Taro Takizawa’s print and Anna Ortiz’s paintings are in a corner having a serious discussion about the role of patience in their practice. At the Party there are works with sweeping qualities of precision, meditative beauty, humor and flirtation.  
This collection of insightful personas come together after a spell of quietness and disorientation in the world.  It is inspiring to know that these artists continued to not only create but also share with us the works of their innate curiosity in motion.  Their marks, both intentional and abstracted, capture a moment of their minds.  This is curiosity sparking work and I want to spend time with each one.  These are artists that enrich souls, inspire and create, and have done so beautifully.
Art is mindful, naughty, loud and still.  That’s the beauty of bringing artists together in one exhibit- some artists left with a drink in hand, high in spirit, while others slipped away without saying goodbye. No matter how they left, they left a gracious and surprising lasting impression. 
Jane Kang Lawrence

Covid Haus at Mother-in-Laws, Germantown, NY

Mother-in Law’s is proud to present Covid Häus, featuring Susan Hamburger; with Richard Estrin, Emily Roz, and Anna Ortiz. In Covid Häus the artists reflect on the intersection of urban and green spaces, the artifice created through cultivars, and how we bend nature to our purposes.

April 23rd-June 19th
Open Weekends 12-5 & by Appt.

140 Church Avenue, Germantown, NY 12526

49.5 at 601 Artspace opening November 13, 2020

A collaborative project organized by Susan Hamburger and Jessica Hargreaves

Nov. 13th, 2020 - Jan. 31st, 2021
601Artspace, 88 Eldridge Street

Jaishri Abichandani          Jessica Hargreaves
Oasa DuVerney                  Karen Heagle 
Roya Farassat                    Melora Kuhn

Rebecca Fortnum              Margaret Murphy
Scherezade Garcia            Annysa Ng
Susan Hamburger             Emily Roz

Exhibition Statement: 

As of the last United Nations census in 2018, women represented nearly fifty percent of the global population, yet held less than 24% of national political offices worldwide. In the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and with the 2020 presidential race upon us, artists and exhibition organizers Susan Hamburger and Jessica Hargreaves ask: why do we, as a society, still seem to have so much trouble envisioning and supporting women in power? To respond to this question, they have invited ten artists to join them in creating new work that explores the theme of women and power. read more...

image: Yamiche Alcindor, PBS NewsHour, 2020, oil on wood panel, 12 x 9 inches

Air Mail Weekly Review

Arts Intel Report
by Elena Clavarino 

Emily Roz’s vibrant oil paintings may leave you feeling slightly umoored. She creates a bright and upbeat dissonance. The female body parts she jigsaws into intensely colored and striped planes are at once familiar and abstract. The anonymous body in the paintings is actually hers, which brings to mind Christina Ramberg’s headless figures, or Maria Lassnig’s studies. Roz’s message is clear: She is simply a body, one that can be objectified. —E.C.

New York Times review by Martha Schwendener

Galleries and museums are getting creative about presenting work online during the coronavirus crisis. Here are two shows worth viewing virtually.

Emily Roz
Through July 5. Front Room, frontroomLES.com.

What makes contemporary art resonate, generally, is a successful mingling of the familiar with the unfamiliar. This is particularly true in Emily Roz’s “Tight Fit” paintings at Front Room, which remix elements of Pop Art, geometric abstraction and the female figure. The show is online, and will remain on view when the gallery reopens.
Several of her paintings, like “Drop” and “Nip Slip” (both from 2020), position bodies within a field of radiating stripes that recall the Pop artist Tadanori Yokoo — but also ’60s painters like Tom Wesselmann and Kiki Kogelnik, and more recent artists like Jocelyn Hobbie and Ridley Howard, who juxtapose patterns and flesh with old-school Pop coolness

What Ms. Roz brings to this painting conversation is an acute awareness of how the female body has been represented in art — as well as how the first generation of Pop artists (OK, men) often replicated advertising’s treatment of women as delectable “products,” reducing them to patterns, shapes and motifs. Ms. Roz, a New York painter who has also worked in fiber arts, borrows these tricks and upends them. Fragmenting the female body — her figures are all headless — showcasing fat and flab, and reproducing the eerie flatness and spectral colors of online media and screens, Ms. Roz offers a compelling Neo-Pop redux of female forms floating in a field of electric stripes, with a bit of critique.

Group show at 601 Artspace, April 2020

Image: Yamiche Alcindor, PBS NewsHour, oil on wood panel, 12 x 9 inches
Show details to come

Solo show at Front Room Gallery, opening March 20, 2020

Image: Backside Muffintop, oil on linen, 16 x 20 inches

Tight Fit, March 20 - July 5, 2020

Front Room is pleased to present Tight Fit, a solo exhibition of oil paintings by Emily Roz. These new works are based on close observation of the female body, yet are abstracted through the use of color and pattern. Roz fuses the stripes and polka dots of undergarments into her backgrounds in order to accentuate bodily forms squished into ill-fitting underwear. The compact poses present figures with their heads cropped by the canvases' edges, while torsos and appendages are accentuated through the use of reflected color from the intense chroma-rich backgrounds.   

Emily Roz utilizes op-art techniques of merged patterns, overlapping planes, and receding grounds to create optical illusions that distort space and bodily relationships. The artist uses herself as a model, but the paintings are not exactly self-portraits; she self-objectifies by omitting key identifiers. With reference to works such as Joan Semmel’s personal perspective nudes, Christina Ramberg’s headless figures, and Maria Lassnig’s body consciousness pictures, Emily Roz’s contemporary feminist paintings use bold optics, dry humor and costume malfunctions to respond to the enduring plight of the female form.

Emily Roz (b. 1972, New Haven, CT) is a New York based artist. She studied at Penland School of Crafts and has a BA from Hampshire College where she concentrated in Art History, Literature and Weaving. Her MFA is in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Shows include Mulherin, Auxiliary Projects, and 31Grand. This is her fifth solo show with Front Room Gallery.

for inquiries please contact Kathleen Vance: k@frontroom.org

Front Room Gallery • 48 Hester Street • NY, NY 10002 • 718-782-2556

temporarily closed to public


FR:20 Part II at Front Room Gallery Oct. 16 - Nov. 24

image: Wrist Wrinkles, 2019, oil on linen, 30 x 40 inches

Summer Sampler at Front Room Gallery opening July 3

image: Wandering Jew, 2018, oil on wood panel, 36 x 36 inches

Art Auction to Benefit Hampshire College at Mrs. Galllery

image: Sideboob Sunburn, oil on wood panel, 8 x 10 inches


Paddle8 Auction: June 12 - 26, 2019
Online Preview: June 5 - 12, 2019
On View: June 13 - June 15, 2019
Benefit Reception: Saturday, June 15: 5 - 8pm

60-40 56th Drive
Maspeth, NY 11378
Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday: 12pm - 5pm

Mrs. is pleased to announce an auction in partnership with Paddle8 to benefit Hampshire College.  

Over 25 artists, each of whom either attended as students or served as faculty at the College, have generously donated their works to be auctioned on Paddle8.  We would like to thank Keliy Anderson-Staley, Elizabeth Atterbury, Math Bass, Larissa Bates, Colleen Blackard, Gideon Bok, Strauss Bourque-Lafrance, William Brayton, Nicole Cohen, E.V. Day, Marc Ganzglass, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Gordon Hall, Michelle Handelman, Tanja Hollander, Denzil Hurley, Emma Kohlmann, Daniel Kohn, Tyler Lafreniere, Kelly McCafferty, Pete Olyer, Elizabeth Orr, Lauren Pakradooni, Matt Phillips, Em Rooney, Emily Roz, Sara Maria Salamone, Guy Yanai and Wallace Whitney for their donations.

Auxiliary Projects launch on Artspace

Image: Hot Pink Skirt, acryla gouache on paper, 12 x 9 inches
New work available through Auxiliary Projects on Artspace

Art on Paper with MULHERIN, March 7-10, 2019 NYC

image: Fingering, acryla gouache on Arches paper, 9 x 12 inches

Works on paper shown with MULHERIN NEW YORK/TORONTO at
Art on Paper, Basketball City, Pier 36, New York, NY
March 7-10, 2019
Preview March 7, 6-10 pm
More info at Art On Paper

Anchors at Mulherin Toronto opening December 1, 2018

“Anchors”, a series specifically documenting the people who deliver the news, giving form to the collective neurosis and vulnerabilities of popular culture.

image: Gwen Ifill, PBSNewsHour,
16 x 20 inches, oil on wood panel

Mulherin Toronto
250 Emerson Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Summer Sampler at Front Room Gallery

Summer Sampler at Front Room Gallery
opening Friday, June 29, 7-9pm
48 Hester Street 
New York, NY 10002

image: Trevor Noah, The Daily Show 
16 x 20 inches, oil on panel
from "Anchors" series

Patterns in Landscape at Front Room Gallery, opening January 26, 2018

Pattern in Landscape at Front Room Gallery
48 Hester Street
New York, NY
opening January 19, 2018

A group exhibition featuring works by
Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Phillip Buehler, Stephen Mallon, Mark Masyga, Ross Racine, Emily Roz, and Zoe Wetherall
On View
January 26th - February 18th 2018
Opening Reception
Friday, January 26th 7-9pm

Everything You've Ever Wanted


Meta Meta Meta LLC is pleased to present Everything You’ve Ever Wanted, a group exhibition featuring works by more than 60 artists. This show was formed as a fundraiser with the goal of supporting the activity of Meta Meta Meta LLC and AGENCY project space in fostering our community and promoting underrepresented and emerging New York based artists.


May 19 Solo Show "Afterglow" at Front Room Gallery in new Lower East Side location

Opening Friday, May 19, 6-9pm
Front Room Gallery
48 Hester Street (at Ludlow)
New York, New York 10002
May 19 - June 11, 2017

The Front Room is proud to present Emily Roz’s “Afterglow,” her 4th solo exhibition with the gallery. Roz is known for her (sometimes lurid) hyper-detailed oil paintings and drawings depicting scenes from nature. Her macroscopic paintings referencing the seed-pods from the Southern Magnolia fruit pods titillate and tantalize. In her new paintings, Emily Roz embraces the perverse. Biomorphic forms push up against each other, spill over and attempt to penetrate, taking an equal opportunity approach to inexact body parts.

Beginning with observational drawing, Roz uses addition and omission to morph segmented botanical shapes into incongruous bodily juxtapositions. In browns, pinks and orange, the sexualized forms hover on a white gessoed background of negative space. Roz’s compositions exist in a void. The permutations are fluid and re-embodied to infer figuration. Loaded up with bulbous volume and lush texture, the incongruous shapes resemble flesh and muscle and bones. The intentionally charged ambiguity leaves the innuendo open to uninhibited interpretation. 

Spring Break Art Show and "CAN'T TOUCH THIS" at Mulherin New York opening March 10

Spring/Break Art Show, American/Woman with Katharine Mulherin
4 Times Square, Room 2239
February 28 - March 6

CAN'T TOUCH THIS at Mulherin New York
March 10 - March 26
124 Forsyth Street, New York, New York
opening reception March 10, 2017, 6-8pm

with Coady Brown, Nika Fontaine, Heather Goodchild, Tal Gilboa, Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg, Ness Lee, Tau Lewis, Danielle Orchard, Rebecca Fin Simonetti,
Betty Tompkins, Emily Roz

(above: Gwen and Judy, PBSNewsHour, oil on paper, 12 x 16 inches each)

Holiday Show at Front Room Gallery, opening Dec 16, 7-9pm

Amanda Alic, Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Phillip Buehler, Peter Fox, Jessica Hargreaves, Amy Hill, Jesse Lambert, Karen Marston, Mark Masyga, Stephen Mallon, Melissa Pokorny, Ross Racine, Paul Raphaelson, Emily Roz, Patricia Smith, Miho Suzuki, Joanne Ungar and Kathleen Vance.

A-Z Wagon Station Encampment, October 2016

In October, I will be attending the Fall 2016 Open Season Session of A-Z Wagon Station Encampment at A-Z West in the California High Desert next to Joshua Tree National Forest in California!!

The Ballot Show at Front Room Gallery

(Gwen and Judy: PBSNewsHour, oil on paper, 12 x 16 inches each)

The Front Room Presents:
The 4rd Quadrennial: The Ballot Show
Opening: Friday Oct 14th 7-9 
October 14th-23th, 2016 
Fri-Sun 1-6 & by appointment

The Front Room Gallery is proud to present the Fourth quadrennial "Ballot Show", which focuses on the American electoral system, and the overall notion of voting with a ballot. "The Ballot Show," held every 4 years since 2004, is inspired by the American election, and contemplates our antiquated electoral-college voting process.

The impetus for the first “Ballot Show” was disillusionment with the shoddy way the 2000 election had been handled—hanging chads, votes not counted, people not allowed into the polls, the Supreme Court decision. Many artist’s works in the following two versions of the exhibition (in 2008 and in 2012) dealt with the archaic nature of our electoral process, but also with the feeling that we as a people aren’t happy with the choices that we are offered. This year we are faced with an election with the two least popular candidates ever, and it seems both side’s votes are driven by hatred of the other sides contender. This election is a turbocharged reality show fueled by accusations and innuendo live on 24 hour social media. It’s possible the only actual fact we will see in this whole campaign is that one person will be elected in November.

Featuring works by: Daniel Aycock, Julia Whitney Barnes, Guy Ben-Ari, Thomas Broadbent, Phil Buehler, Ken Butler, Dave Cole, Ethan Crenson, Linda Ganjian, Peter Fox, Enrico Gomez, Sean Hemmerle, Kim Holleman, David Kramer, Jesse Lambert, Lisa Levy, Stephen Mallon, Sascha Mallon, Karen Marston, Mark Masyga, Ross Racine, Marshall Reese/Nora Ligorano, Daniel Rosenbaum, Emily Roz, Sante Scardillo, Philip Simmons, Jeremy Slater, Mark Stilwell, Rodger Stevens, Miho Suzuki, Jim Torok, Kathleen Vance, Cibele Vieira, Monika Wuhrer, Ahron Weiner, and more..

The Split Between The Eye and The Gaze, opening April 3

Curated by Meta Meta Meta, LLC

Participating artists: Erica Allan, Guy Ben­Ari, Tryn Collins, Kerry Downey, Hilary Doyle, Carrie Gundersdorf, Sacha Ingber, Emily Roz, Leah Wolff and Raphael Zollinger.

The Split between the Eye and the Gaze includes works by 10 New York based artists. The title for this group exhibition is borrowed from Jacques Lacan’s text of the same title from 1964, as published in The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis. Each of the works in the exhibition can be viewed through a Lacanian scope of interpretation of what Merleau­ Ponty identified as a fundamental "reversibility" in vision: The body is simultaneously a subject and an object: The
body is the seeing and also the seen, and even more so, it can be observed. The artists included in this exhibition explore different notions of this reversibility in vision, and its implications over our contemporary everyday experience.

Exhibition Dates: April 3 - April 24, 2016 
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 3, 4-6 pm

Kunstraum LLC, 20 Grand Ave, #509 
Brooklyn, NY 11205

The Show Me State at Auxiliary Projects, opening November 14, 6-8pm

The Show Me State 
Nov 14 - Dec 13, 2015
Auxiliary Projects
212R Norman Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Opening Nov 14, 6-8pm

David Baskin
Oasa DuVerney
Jessica Hargreaves
David Howe and Anita Cruz-Eberhard
Rachel Rampleman 
Emily Roz 
Jonathan Schipper/EXOvault
Chris Verene/Self Esteem Salon

Can an exhibition be exhibitionist? The artists in this show are not, in fact, from Missouri (the more famous “show me state”) but their work puts on the razzle-dazzle it takes to win us over. From the full frontal exhibitionism of Emily Roz’s drawings to the burlesque videos of Rachel Rampleman and from the incendiary yet sparkly statements of Oasa DuVerney’s sculptures to the sheer joy of photographs by Chris Verene and The Self-Esteem Salon™, the projects on view nakedly reveal their desire to be desired. Read more...

"Changing Landscapes" in Chapel Hill, NC, opening December 6, 2015

The Horace Williams House
December 6 - December 23
Opening Reception: December 6, 2-4pm

“Changing Landscapes” is a collaborative history exhibition of the evolution and growth of the Horace Williams site with Preservation Chapel Hill and Emily Roz. The exhibition will include seven oil paintings by Emily Roz, whose subject matter is based on the Southern Magnolia tree located on the property, likely planted by the home’s namesake, Horace Williams, as well as a history of the site produced by Melanie Watson, an undergraduate at UNC, museum studies intern.

The idea behind the project was to unravel the more indepth history of the site, instead of focusing solely on the house. The research focuses on the history of the Horace Williams site as a whole. It follows a chronological progression through ownership and construction of the house, and how the site has transformed over time. Aside from the house itself, the plumbing, landscape, bell, and slave presence will all be addressed. The history is complimented by the artwork done by Emily Roz. 

Emily Roz, a New York based artist, was raised in Chapel Hill’s Battle Park neighborhood, and has developed a body of work that references the reproductive system of this specific magnolia tree which she has observed over the past 41 years. She uses the tree’s leaves and seed pods as a point of departure, and exaggerates their tactile and sensual qualities.

Preservation Chapel Hill operates the Horace Williams House as an example of adaptive reuse in historic preservation. The house is the only historic home open to the public in Chapel Hill, NC, and hosts monthly art and history exhibits. 

The Horace Williams House
610 East Rosemary Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27514
(919) 942-7818
Tuesday - Friday 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday - Monday by appointment

greenspotblue Interview with Henry Williams

From Henry Williams of greenspotblue: "Emily Roz's paintings timelessly juxtapose lush textures with striking vibrant colors. In her latest solo show, RIPE, up now through December 28th at the Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn, she has turned her eye and ours to the intense blend of textures and colors found in magnolia seed pods, which offer up vivid colors and structures that both claw and caress the eye, with the intensity amplified by her use of shadows and light. She gracefully agreed to answer a few questions for us and to share her work on Green Spot Blue. - See more at greenspotblue.

Ripe at Front Room Gallery November 7-December 28

Front Room Gallery is pleased to present:

Emily Roz: Ripe
November 7th - December 28th
Opening: Friday November 7, 7-9

Fridays-Sundays 1-6pm
*by appointment December 26-28 
(718-782-2556 or info@frontroom.org)
The paintings in Emily Roz’s exhibition “Ripe” will surely make you blush. Referencing seed pods of a specific Southern Magnolia tree from the artist’s youth in Chapel Hill, NC, these lush, tactile paintings exude the sexuality of the reproduction system of the Magnolia grandiflora. The large, cone-like forms of the Magnolia fruit are made from multiple ovaries, which bear vivid red seeds, and hang from the individual follicles by long silken threads. Roz’s depiction of these intimate parts of the pods is done at a larger scale, which arouses one’s desire for closer inspection.
Emily Roz exaggerates the visceral and sensual qualities of the pods through the use of saturated colors and the drama of baroque light. Roz enhances the shallow visual depth with the macro-texture of each form. She captures each minute detail of the final stages of propagation as the hard, lustrous crimson seeds protrude and penetrate their furry enclosures. The exacting detail of these structures is counterbalanced by her use of the flat blue negative space surrounding the pods. These seemingly infinite fields of color paired with intense detail are inspired by Roz’s love of Northern Renaissance and Flemish paintings that use color in both realistic and symbolic ways.
“These paintings are my way of flirting. They want to turn you on, in a painting kind of way. Their texture and shapes may make you blush while their color and light appeals to you on a more cerebral level. Plants and animals have evolved for their essential purpose: to procreate. In these paintings I explore how both artworks and people pull out all the stops to get attention. These paintings are reminders of the universal impulse to use whatever resources we have to attract and connect, physically, emotionally or intellectually.”  – Emily Roz
Born in 1972, Emily Roz received a BA from Hampshire College where she studied Art History, Literature and Weaving. She went on to receive an MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has been reviewed in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, The Washington Post, Joy Quarterly, W+G Williamsburg News + Art, Apollo Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail and NewCity Chicago. Emily was raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and currently works in Queens. She lives on a small island off the coast of North America with her husband and son. This is her third solo show at the Front Room Gallery.

Front Room Gallery
147 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, New York
Open Friday-Sunday, 1pm to 6pm
And By Appointment

Village Voice Recommendation by Nikkitha Bakshani

"Roz's oil paintings of seed pods from a specific Southern Magnolia tree from her youth bring Georgia O'Keeffe to mind, but the wildness and drama of Roz's depictions are something of her own. It'll be hard not to blush." Nikkitha Bakshani from Runnin' Scared

FR:15 at Front Room Gallery, October 10-November 2

Front Room is Proud to Present:

FR:15—Front Room 15 Anniversary 

Oct 10th-Nov 2nd, 2014
Reception: Friday, Oct 10th, 7-9
Viewing hours: Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appointment

Amanda Alic, Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Gregory Curry, Ethan Crenson, Lisa Dilillo, Mark Esper, Peter Fox, Amy Hill, Sascha Mallon, Stephen Mallon, Mark Masyga, Sean Hemmerle, Kim Holleman, David Kramer, Jesse Lambert, Allan Packer, Walker Pickering, Melissa Pokorny, Ross Racine, Kenneth Ragsdale, Emily Roz, Sante Scardillo, Philip Simmons, Mark Stilwell, Jeremy Slater, Patricia Smith, Rodger Stevens, Miho Suzuki, Joanne Ungar, Rosa Valado, Julia Whitney Barnes, Edie Winograde, Monika Wuhrer and more.

The Front Room Gallery is proud to announce FR:15, Front Room's Fifteenth Anniversary exhibition. We are thrilled to say that we have had over 117 exhibitions since we opened in Williamsburg at 147 Roebling Street on October 9th, 1999. This exhibition will feature some of our stalwarts that have been with us from the beginning such as Amanda Alic, Ethan Crenson, Sean Hemmerle, and Edie Winograde, as well as our current stable of artists who have shaped Front Room throughout the years and artists that have shown at Front Room in the past 15 years whose works we have always admired. 

We have seen good and bad changes in Williamsburg in the last 6.66% of a century, and we are still happy to be here on Roebling Street right in the middle of the craziness. In 1999 none of us had cell phones, most artists sent their submissions in the form of slides, Chelsea was just getting started, LES and Bushwick didn't exist as art scenes and the idea of art fairs was just getting started. Since then Front Room and it's talented roster of artists has been involved in many art fairs and exchanges with museums and galleries throughout the world, and has received critical acclaim from renowned publications in print to hip young blogs online. We thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to a grand future. 

Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appt.

The Front Room Gallery is located at 147 Roebling Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Gallery hours are Friday-Sunday 1-6PM and by appointment. Press contact: Daniel Aycock 718-782-2556